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Building Maintenance

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  • Building Maintenance

    Maintaining your building is both a legal requirement and a matter of appearance to wow your visitors and staff.

    But making sure that you comply to all of your legal obligations as well as managing a number of suppliers and their invoices is time consuming and costly.

    We will perfectly manage and maintain the structure of your building, its electrics, its life and building protection and your landscape to ensure a beautiful and safe building. All done with one point of contact, one phone call, one supplier and one invoice.

      • Keep your premises open and fully functioning
      • Remove all the stress related to managing your non-core, non-profit aspects of your business
      • Make your building look the best it can be
      • You can pick up the phone and talk to us about any problems with your building, knowing that when you put the phone down, the job is as good as done

    Landscape Maintenance

    Make sure that your grounds are properly maintained and look their best throughout the year.



    Mechanical Maintenance

    Make sure that your building stays functional and that all required maintenance programmes are adhered to.

    Electrical Maintenance

    Meet all of your legal requirements whilst maintaining the perfect environment where all the lights work, you stay connected to the internet and the temperature is just right.

    Structural Maintenance

    Keep your visitors safe and sound in a building which always looks good and conforms to the highest building regulation standards.


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  • Building Maintenance Packages

    Choose from one of our most popular Building Maintenance Packages:

    Keep out of Jail

    If you have business premises, then you have a legal obligation to make sure that certain aspects are regularly checked and maintained. This package ensures that those minimum requirements are met and that you stay out of jail should something go wrong.

    On the Beach

    Managing and maintaining everything related to your building can be a complete nightmare. The ‘On the Beach’ Package leaves you with that ‘On the Beach’ feeling, because we simply take care of everything for you.

    Keep out of jail
    Fire Alarm
    Emergency Lighting
    PAT Testing
    Fire Extinguishers
    Gas fired boiler test
    Fixed wire test
    Water Hygiene
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    On the beach
    Fire Alarm
    Emergency Lighting
    PAT Testing
    Fire Extinguishers
    Gas fired boiler test
    Fixed wire test
    Weekly Check
    Bi annual fire checks
    Fire risk assessment
    Grounds Maintenance
    Key Holder Cover
    + Much More
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    These are our most popular packages, but if it doesn’t suit your specific requirements please go to our bespoke quoting page.

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  • FAQ

    Building Maintenance FAQs

    • What is Building Maintenance aka Facilities Management?
    • When did Building Maintenance Start?
    • What does it Cost?
    • What does it Include?
    • How to Select a Provider?
    • What costs can I save through effective Facilities Management?
    • What is the statutory requirements for my building.