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Benefits & Services
  • Cleaning

    Choose our school & Office cleaning service and take advantage of our unique hourly charging basis. We only charge you for the number of hours we work on your site. No fixed monthly or annual fees, we simply charge by the hour.

    Having a beautifully clean building to greet you every-day, is important for all leading businesses, schools and organisations.


    Clean premises make for a more productive environment, puts a smile on your clients and customers faces and is one less job for you to worry about.

    We create Ribbon Cutting Ready buildings, every single day, so that you can continually wow your customers and motivate your staff with premises to be proud of, freeing you up to focus on your most profitable activities.

      • Enjoy the highest standards of cleanliness each and every day
      • Never worry again about anything to do with your cleaning
      • Save money by only paying for the cleaning we do
      • No minimum contracts. You will continue to work with us because of how good we are, not because of a legal contract we tie you into

    Office Cleaning

    We will make sure that your staff, sit at a clean desk everyday, in a tidy environment and with flower fresh toilets.


    Window Cleaning

    We will make sure that your clients are always looking in through, and your staff, are always looking out of, clean windows.

    Carpet Cleaning

    Enhance your working environment and freshen the building with clean carpets throughout or along key walkways and meeting areas.


    Kitchen Cleaning

    Treat your staff and customers to the cleanest and safest kitchen area to prepare and eat food.

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  • Cleaning Packages

    Choose from one of our most popular Cleaning Packages:


    We will ensure that your building is cleaned thoroughly throughout.

    Ribbon Cutting Ready

    We will provide your building to our White Glove Treatment throughout, ensuring the wow factor with every door that gets opened.

    General Cleaning
    Outside Window Cleaning
    Sanitary Bins
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    Ribbon Cutting Ready
    General Cleaning
    Outside Window Cleaning
    Inside Window Cleaning
    Sanitary Bins
    IT Equipment
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    These are our most popular packages, but if it doesn’t suit your specific requirements please go to our bespoke quoting page


  • FAQ

    Here’s a list of your cleaning FAQs.

    • How often will my building be cleaned?
    • How do you charge?
    • Will you tie us into a contracts?
    • Will the changeover to Rejus be smooth? What about TUPE?
    • What are your hourly rates?
    • Do you supply everything required?
    • Are all your staff vetted?
    • Do all staff receive training and development?
    • Will we always have the same cleaner?
    • Are you fully insured?
    • Can you provide references?
    • Can you unlock/lock and alarm the building?
    • Are we issued a cleaning contract?
    • Can we contact you outside office hours in case of an emergency?