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Hodsock Priory Testimonial | Building Maintenance

Hodsock has a certain glamour and is exclusive to the wedding people so no-one else is allowed in. It really doesn’t need a lot of selling. It is so beautiful here that it sells itself.

We have had 70 weddings this year which is a record for us and it looks like next year may be even better! We are looking forward to the future very much.

My role as Operations Manager is that I look after the estate in general which is 900 acres of farm land, arable, live stock, gardens and working under Lady Buchanan who decides what she wants doing, help in the woods, plumbing, heating, and roofing, basically everything. I have done many jobs in 30 years including building boats, toilets, you name it, I have done it. I have a pretty good understanding of the place.

Many people laugh and one person said to me ‘I suspect that if they cut you in half they would have Hodsock priory all the way through’. It wouldn’t be far wrong.

I demand the best service available and it has to be the best because of who we are. They provide it and provide it at the right price. But more than that they provide such a fantastic service and so reliable, you’ve no problems using a firm like Rejus at all.

They have been a tremendous company to work with. On two many planes; one is that the people that they do send out are brilliant at what they do, they come out and look at the system, they understand it and they have always fixed it, very efficiently, they are people that you don’t have to look at or keep an eye on, you can leave them to get on with the job. They do it 100%.

The range of services they offer is second to none and we have not been able to find fault with anything. It is safe to say that it is the first company that I have ever worked with that has a conscience and they are really good to work with.

Nothing is too much trouble and especially with Matthew and that is so important today having somebody behind you that you can trust.

The simple reason is that being in the hospitality business and being such an exclusive wedding venue, one of the best for many miles around, if not one of the best in the country, we really do need good, consistent back up. That is as important as anything else, if not more so to keep 200 people happy.

If we have a machine go down or a boiler goes down, to know that just one phone call away, to one person, I can have someone out almost immediately to correct it.

It is a great weight off of the mind to know I have got that back up that Rejus provides an will continue to provide and I am looking forward to a very long and happy working relationship with them.

I would like to thank them for possibly reducing the amount of grey hairs I have collected over the past few years and to thank them for making my life so much easier running a place as big and as old as this. I can’t thank them enough for that. They have taken a great weight off of my mind.

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