Office Cleaning - How to get your time and money back

6 Questions to release your time and save you money

If you’re a company that uses a commercial cleaning company to do your office cleaning then you need to ask yourself these 6 questions.

Answer them honestly and if you want a no obligation conversation about we can help call us today.

  1. Does your property meet statutory requirements for the safety of the occupants?
  2. Do you know what the implications of failing to ensure these standards are met?
  3. Do you know if you have the best possible rate for the services you buy in?
  4. What do you spend time on that takes your precious and profitable time away from your core activities?
  5. If we could identify areas where you can save money, and save your time, and improve the quality of those services, would you be interested?
  6. If we could do all this, and it wouldn’t take any of your time or your money, to find out the answers to these questions, would you have any reason not to proceed?

Rejus Ltd provide cleaning services in Schools, Offices & Commercial Buildings across Doncaster & Sheffield.

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