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The Office Cleaning Contract process – It Can be Different!

Does the thought of finding a new cleaning company make you want to tear your hair out?

It’s not that you think the process will be too onerous in its own way but the trouble is………’ve been here before!

This is the typical process that you will generally experience

  • Tender put together listing areas, inclusions etc.
  • Tenders are assessed, and 9 times out of 10, the lowest or one of the lower ones is picked.
  • Contractor starts job and immediately tries to maximise margins. How can they do it? There are costs for labour, national insurance, company insurance, PPE, uniform, training, HR, sick and holiday pay, management support and cleaning materials.
  • Initially contract goes well.
  • Time passes, and issues start to arise. You see less of the contractor.
  • Issues are not dealt with efficiently, and then not at all.
  • You consider giving notice and see that there are complicated exit terms and you have to give them time to correct issues.
  • You give them longer to sort things out.
  • They accept that they will lose the contract and continue to maximise profits.
  • You eventually give notice because you are just not happy with the level of cleaning.
  • You recruit a new good cleaning company like the one for office cleaning Toronto, the existing cleaner stays under TUPE. The contract is perhaps for less or the same price, the contract starts well……………on we go

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way!!

Rejus is different!

If you want to know how, talk to us on  01302 738684 or we’ll come and see you, coffee’s on us!

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